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Amazing bed sheets options to help you spruce up your bedroom

Changing the bed sheets can sometimes work miracles. It is not as difficult as it appears to transform the aesthetics of your bedroom The quality and the design of the bedsheets you pick are an essential part of your lifestyle, so you need to be careful when opting for bedsheets online shopping. Express Bedsheets bestows an exclusive range of Cotton bedsheets and bed covers online. If you need some truly beautiful and luxurious bedsheets online, you will be amazed at the many different designs, patterns, and colours available on our site to match your needs. Explore our wide range of cotton bed sheets online in many different sizes for daily use or special guests alike.

Switch to bedsheets that complement the colour of your walls and furniture to offer it an incredible look. Not everyone is interested in browsing through stores for their favourite home decor pieces when you can have it delivered to your home with just a few clicks. 
Usually, people are quite sceptical about purchasing bedsheets, or any other decor fabric, online because they feel the need to physically assess the quality. As everything around us is changing rapidly with time, people have started purchasing fabric online from an authentic website, like The Express Souq. With our collection, you will feel like you have travelled to a bedsheet store, from the comfort of your home.

Things to Think About Before Purchasing Designer Bed Sheets Online

It’s neither the design nor the fabric, it’s the size that is the deciding factor: 
Now that you know the exact size of the mattress, You might be wondering where to look for the best bed sheets for your bed. For instance, if you need a double bed sheet which is majorly having the dimensions of in Inch: (230”x 250”), you will immediately look for double sized bed sheets. Here are a few factors one must know while purchasing bed sheets online in Dubai- 

  1. The most common double bed sheet size which is widely used in rooms has dimensions of about (230 inches) × (250 inches). It is being considered as an ideal size bed sheet to improve your decor. You must know the dimensions of your mattresses appropriately to get the best-suited bed sheet, which transforms your room.
  2. If we talk about thread count, the highest thread count is more than 400, which often means that the bed sheets have used thin threads which might be challenging to sleep on, whereas our bedsheets have a thread count of 240 that is usually considered as the most comfortable sheet to sleep on.
  3. A double-size bed itself is called a full bed, which is more compact and relatively comfortable for two people, whereas a queen-size bed is a bit bigger than a double-size bed. You must know the appropriate size of your bed while purchasing bed sheets online.
  4. Our bed sheets are comfortable, easy to wash, and budget-friendly and numerous designs and patterns are available according to different tastes and preferences.
    At Express Souq, we provide every bed sheet size that is preferred by most households. But, double size bed sheets are the most popular amongst others because they’re intended for more than an individual, double size bed sheets are also bifurcated into different other sizes, depending upon the mattress size. 
    If you are a bit sceptical about the designs, colours, and patterns’ that are in stock. You’ll get excited to know that there are a large number of patterns and designs available at Express Souq as it has predominantly worked on double size bed sheets. 

Bed sheets are available in a variety of styles

Buy bedsheets online from The Express Souq as we offer bed sheet sets in many different designs and colors to help you personalize and create a relaxing retreat. You’ll have a great time choosing from our wide selection of comfortable, cool, and modern bedsheets online. We have an exclusive range of bedsheet designs from classic solid coloured bedsheets and ethnic hand block printed bed sheets to modern designs to cater to your unique taste. Be amazed by the many brightly coloured and fun design bedsheets for every room in your house. Pair them with matching bed covers online that reflect your personal style. Explore our bedsheets online shopping at the best prices to experience the different options and make a perfect choice.

Single Bed Sheets

As the name suggests, a single bedsheet covers a single mattress. It is designed to cover single beds. If you have a small bedroom or a children’s bedroom, then you can choose from a wide variety of single bedsheets available at The Express Souq.

Double Bed Sheets

Often called as full bed sheets, these sheets are designed to cover double beds. These double bedsheets vary in size from style to style. A king size bed sheet usually measures 280 cm x 290 cm and is made for the largest size beds, while a Queen size double bed sheet measures 160 cm x 210 cm. 

King Size Bed Sheets

King size bed sheets are of the largest dimensions among all types of sheets. A king size bed sheet usually measures about 280 cm x 290 cm. Depending on the type of fabric, design and brand, it is paired up with matching pillow covers measuring 45 cm x 68 cm.

Fitted Bed Sheets

Fitted bed sheets are large sized sheets designed to fit snugly over the mattress.  The edge of such bedsheets has a stretchy, elastic band that is sewed into the seam of the material, which helps keep the sheet intact to the mattress and doesn’t let it come off during a slumber.

Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are the best for summers. It is the most popular choice of fabric when it comes to bed sheets due to its breathability, durability, and comfort. They are very soft and comfortable, and ensure a cozy time in bed. Express Souq offers a wide variety of cotton bed sheets which are great to use in any type of climate.

Silk Bed Sheets

These silk bed sheets can not only provide comfort but also make your bedroom look lavish. Another reason to use silk bed sheets is that they offer sound sleep, relax your mood, and also keep you away from allergies. There are different silk bed sheets available like the single bed sheet, double bed bedsheet, or white sheets that would be a perfect pick for your bed. A silk double bedsheet is an ideal fit for your double bed during humid days. 

Satin Bed Sheets

Satin bed sheets are a great choice for hot climates because they take away body heat. These sheets sometimes tend to get wrinkly but are easy to wash and maintain. They look very romantic and give an aesthetic & rich feeling.

Twill Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton twill is a popular weave pattern that’s characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. Twill cotton results in a sturdy fabric which makes its a perfect choice for a double bedsheet. Twill cotton does not wrinkle easily. Often, a quick steam or a low tumble dry is enough to smooth any wrinkles on your twill cotton bed sheets.

Super Soft Bed Sheets

If you are looking out to buy super soft bed sheets then you must try sateen, Flanner, microfiber or rayon bed sheets. These super soft bed sheets are generously sized so they can fit all types of mattresses. They are available in tons of colors so you can find the perfect set for your bedroom.

Shop Stylish and Comfy Pure Cotton Bed Sheets Online

Express Souq provides you the ultimate collection of bedsheets online in India to choose from that will enhance the bedroom’s aesthetic completely. Our bed sheets are nothing but the very best in terms of fit, luxury, and durability. You can buy bedsheets online in India in different sizes such as double bedsheets, single bedsheets, king-size bed sheets, queen size bed sheets, and more. Most of our bed sheets come with matching pillow covers to give your bedroom a cohesive feel. Our finest and beautiful bedsheets combine quality with timeless designs to perfectly complete the look of your bedroom

Dress up your Bed with Designer Bed Sheets

If you are wondering where to look for the best bed sheets online in India, then take up a chance and enjoy the ride of our ethnicity by exploring our online collection. We assure you that our bed sheets are specifically designed with extreme care that keeps you cool in the summers and warm in the winters, which makes it perfect for all year round.
Express Souq makes your bedsheets online shopping super easy by providing you plenty of options in single bedsheets, double bedsheets, king-size bed sheets, kids bedsheets, and more. Buy bedsheets online in many different colors, styles, patterns, and sizes with matching pillow covers to match your room setting or decor. We believe that nothing can compensate for handmade bed sheets, be it double size or single size. We are committed to providing the 100℅ handmade sheets which are aesthetically fabricated by our artisans who are specialized in block printing and other print works. You can also team up our bedsheets with our matching bed covers online to add a level of sophistication. Our cotton bedsheets are expertly crafted with high-quality cotton fabric that makes them extremely comfortable, durable, and breathable.